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Saturday 31st July 2021

A juvenile Cuckoo was on the fence posts between Cells 'A' & 'B' in the morning, 
6 Eygptian geese were briefly on Cell 'A' in the morning,
In the afternoon, a Whinchat was seen by the Reed-bed,
Also seen was 4 Avocet chicks (Reed-bed), Corn bunting (North hedge), 6 Curlew (flew over), 2 Green sandpipers (Cell 'A'), Kingfisher (Island lake), Little owl, Marsh harrier family (Cell 'C') & Spoonbill (reported early in the morning),
Dragonflies today, Common blue damselfly,
Butterflies today, Wall & Painted lady,
Bumblebees today, Common carder, Garden & Field cuckoo bees

Posted By: Barry on 7/31/2021 2:21:18 PM

Friday 30th July 2021

A colour ringed Little egret 'HK' was on Dryham Ings this morning, it had been ringed as an adult on 23rd July 2021 at Wheldrake Ings,
Waders today, included Ruff, Common  & 2 Green sandpipers (all in Cell 'A'), 4 Avocet chicks (Reed-bed), 5 Snipe (Reed-bed),  plus 5 Adults & 5 juvenile Oystercatchers,
Also seen was Kingfisher (Far lake), The Marsh harrier family (Cell 'A') & male Wigeon (Reed-bed)
Gatekeeper butterfly was seen today

Posted By: Barry on 7/30/2021 2:49:31 PM

Wednesday 28thJuly 2021

13 Black-tailed godwits were on the Reed-bed briefly in the afternoon, before flying off to the north
2 Green & a Common sandpiper were on Cell 'A', Corn bunting (North field), 6+ Cormorant, Pair of Marsh harrier & 3 juveniles (Cell 'C'), with lastly 4+ Snipe (Reed-bed)

Posted By: Barry on 7/28/2021 6:29:44 PM

Tuesday 27th July 2021

The 4 Avocet chicks are still on the Reed-bed,
Also seen was Corn bunting (North field), Green sandpiper (Silt pond), Hobby (over Cell 'B'), single Little owl & a pair plus 3 juvenile Marsh harriers on Cell 'C'

Posted By: Barry on 7/27/2021 4:06:24 PM

Monday 26th July 2021

The Marsh harriers were seen today in Cell 'C',
Butterflies included Meadow brown & Small tortoiseshell, with Black-tailed skimmer & Ruddy darter also seen

Posted By: Barry on 7/26/2021 5:02:37 PM

Sunday 25th July 2021

The young Marsh harrier was out flying again in Cell 'C',
A juvenile Common tern was again on the Reed-bed, along with a Snipe, the 4 Avocet chicks & drake Wigeon,
Also seen was 2 Common  & a Green sandpiper (Cell 'A'), 25 juvenile Little grebes, 626 Greylag geese, 3 juvenile Oystercatcher, 64 Mute swans & Corn bunting (North field)
Dragonflies today, Black-tailed skimmer, Common & Ruddy darters, Common blue & Blue-tailed damselflies
Butterflies today, Ringlet, Peacock, Red admiral & Meadow brown
Bumblebees today, Common carder, garden, Red & White-tailed bumblebees

Snipe on the Reed-bed hide

Posted By: Barry on 7/25/2021 6:48:55 PM

Saturday 24th July 2021

Yesterday's Black-tailed godwit was on the Reed-bed, along with the 4 Avocet chicks & one of the Oystercatcher chicks,
On Cell 'A' & the Silt pond, there were at least 3 Green & 2 Common sandpipers & a Redshank,
Also seen was the juvenile Marsh harrier (Cell 'C'), a brief Dunlin (Reed-bed), a new Tufted duck family of 6 ducklings (New workings), Corn bunting (North field), Curlew (heard), 2 Little owls & a Peregrine flying south west over the Reed-bed,
Dragonflies today, Black-tailed skimmer, Common & Ruddy darters, plus Blue-tailed damselflies,
Butterflies today, Meadow brown  Ringlet,
Bumblebees today, Common carder, Garden & White-tailed bumblebees

Black-tailed godwit on the Reed-bed

Posted By: Barry on 7/24/2021 4:51:05 PM

Friday 23rd July 2021

The adult Cuckoo was again seen flying over the Reed-bed & Main lake,
 Black-tailed godwit was on Cell 'A', with Green & Common sandpipers there also, as well as off the Silt pond,
Also seen was Cetti's warbler (North path), Corn bunting (North field), Marsh harrier & Little owl,
Early morning butterflies included Speckled wood, Meadow brown, Gatekeeper & Ringlet,
Early morning dragonflies included Black-tailed skimmer, Common & ruddy darters & Blue-tailed damselflies
Bumblebees included Common carder & Garden bumblebees

Cetti's warbler on the North path

Posted By: Barry on 7/23/2021 5:22:57 PM

Thursday 22nd July 2021

A Great white egret was briefly seen on the Island lake in the morning
Posted By: Barry on 7/22/2021 4:28:34 PM

Wednesday 21st July 2021

Just 2 Green & a Common sandpiper, just off the Silt pond today,
Also seen was Snipe (Silt pond), Little ringed plover (New workings), 2 Corn buntings (North field), 4 Avocet chicks, Tufted duck family of 5 ducklings (Far lake), Cuckoo (New workings), drake Wigeon & Marsh harrier,
Dragonflies today, Black-tailed skimmer, 4 Spot chaser, Common & Ruddy darters, Common blue, Red-eyed & Blue-tailed damselflies,
Butterflies today, Ringlet, Meadow brown, Brimstone, Speckled wood, Large white & Small tortoiseshell,
Bumblebees today, Common carder, Garden, Red & White-tailed bumblebees

Avocet chick on the Reed-bed

Posted By: Barry on 7/21/2021 12:52:35 PM